Welcome to Wealth Angels

A Community of Financially Conscious Individuals Pursuing Financial Freedom together

Wealth Angels is a global community of financially-conscious individuals committed to  LEARN, UNLEARN, and RE-LEARN the right mindset, skillset, and toolset to take control of their finances and their lives, and ultimately, to achieve financial freedom.  What does that mean?  That finances are no longer an obstacle to do the things that really matter. Enjoy the best life has to offer together with this community.

We will offer perpetual full access to our Financial Freedom Fundamentals series to all, at no cost. This series of simple-to-understand and action-oriented sessions was voted the highest impact course on the Lifebook Membership platform.  Here, you will learn to take control of your finances and become first healthy, then wealthy, then financially free.  

In addition, at the conclusion of this course, participants can choose to enroll in our free, basic Wealth Angels membership to get access to:

  • Monthly live Financial Freedom Forum events where you can find continued support in your journey to financial freedom.
  • Monthly Money and Life interconnectivity calls which will explore how finances interact with other key areas of life (parenting, career, quality of life, social life, etc.)

Whether you are just starting your journey to financial freedom, or you run a million-dollar portfolio, I'm certain you will grow your knowledge and confidence as part of the Wealth Angels community, the only community dedicated to enhancing every aspect of your financial journey.  

Our mission is to educate, inspire, and transform you to become the CEO of your life, to take full ownership of your finances, to reach your Financial Freedom goals, and to do so faster, easier, and more joyfully than you could alone.

When money is not an issue anymore, we will celebrate with you as you find the freedom to follow your true calling in life, and to take care of what matters the most to you. In Lifebook terminology, we call this fully realizing your life vision.

Our community is for people on a mission, for those who aspire to grow their wealth by developing the right mindset and skillset for long term financial success. 

Sonny and Diego are highly successful investors; practitioners with solid long-term track records of outperformance - not career academics.  They are ready to share what they have learned in their 45 years of combined experience as investors.

As life-long learners, they are always interested in new models and perspectives of understanding the world. They spend countless hours and resources on self-education, always seeking to grow and improve in mindset, skillset, tools set, and networking with like-minded individuals.

Both of them achieved financial freedom by investing, left the corporate world, and are full-time investors. They are passionate about teaching what they do day-in and day-out, which is all related to "Finances, Investing, and Life". 

Wealth is not just about money. It includes the practical, emotional, and physiological impact of your current financial condition. Money affects our level of freedom, our peace of mind, and our sense of self-confidence.  Generating and deploying wealth in alignment with our values allow us to impact our family, our community, and even our world; it allows us to live a robust life, and to give generously.

We are your wealth angels that are 100% committed to making your financial freedom journey successful and joyful.

Thank you so much for your support and trust. If you are ready, we would love to have you join our community and enjoy this journey to Financial Success together.